Giovanni Bataloni

Musician, choir conductor and composer.

Born in 1969, he lives and works between Milan and Switzerland

Composer, arranger and choir conductor, he particularly devotes himself to chamber music, choral music and music for theater.

He is currently on stage with “Stria”, a pièce based on the historical events of the witch hunt, where the textual dramaturgy and the scenic action interwine with a musical dramaturgy made with acoustic instruments and electronic processings.

He conducts, since several years, the choir of “Accademia Ticinese di Musica” in Locarno (CH).

He works for the Department of Education of the Genua University as a adjunct professor in the specialization courses for teachers.

He worked as a choir conductor and teacher at “ATM” (Accademia Ticinese di Musica) in Locarno (CH) and other music schools in Milan and Switzerland.

He studied Choral Conducting with M. Schuldt-Jensen at the Musikhochschule in Fribourg (D) and with B. Streito at the Conservatory in Como (I).

He graduated with honours in Composition at the Conservatory G. Verdi in Como (I) where he also took part to Computer Music courses with G. Cospito.

He studied composition with I. Fedele at Conservatory in Strasbourg (F), where he met several important composers such as L. De Pablo, H. Radulescu, H.U. Lehmann. He took part to several courses, seminars and masterclasses with F. Donatoni, L. Francesconi, S. Gervasoni and G. Colombo Taccani.

He deepened the vocal technique with Isabella Tosca and Lorenzo Pierobon.

In 2014 he completed a CAS in Music Pedagogy of SSPM (Société Suisse de Pédagogie Musicale).

Among his most recent works are music for the theater, in particular for a project on witch-hunt with Claudia Donadoni, and several chamber music works dedicated to various instruments.

Das Neue Ensemble recently perform in the NWR Radio Hannover  ” …and this etheric body acts on matter”, a Quintet which has been premiered in Hannover on 01.01.2014

Recently he also released the CD “Serial Trio #0″, made with Fabio De Girolamo and Massimiliano Varotto and dedicated to contemporary jazz.

Oreilles Mortes for Harp and Voice, lyrics by B. v. Criegern, was premiered in Sydney on 07/24/2014 by the Italian harpist R. Moretti.

In the 2012/13 and 2013/14 seasons he played live music for the play Traviata (Music from Verdi) with the company TDA Teatro.

Planstadt Berlin, musics on poems of the Berliner poets May Ayim and Birgit v. Criegern.

In 2012 he composed the music for Versi x versi – Performance based on Tales of Roald Dahl and Roberto Piumini performed at the festival MiTo, in Milan.

He also composed music for ensembles of students of the schools of Music for the festival Allegro Mosso (Bologna 2012).

Between 2010 and 2012 he played with the project Piano Imbiss in several concerts and in jazz clubs in Switzerland, especially Italian and German-speaking Switzerland (LebewohlFabrik – Zurich; They Musicbar – Winterthur)

In 2010 he performed in concert in Locarno with the American pianist and arranger Gil Goldstein.

In the same year he worked as an arranger, pianist and composer to the soundtrack of the short film Amat-Deus (produced by Don Gnocchi Foundation, RAI and Public Information) and produced the soundtrack for the short film Urban Dream of the Roman director  Carola Di Scipio on text by M. Baraldi.

Since 2007 he collaborates with theater companies for which he composed and arranged music in different styles and genres.

One of the peculiarities of his work is to throw bridges between the ancient and the contemporary. In fact he has arranged music of Bach, Mozart and Verdi in a modern style, and the music of artists and bands of today (Nirvana, The crus and others) in a classic style.

In 2006 he composed a piece for children choir and ensemble inspired to the Brazilian popular music entitled Os sonhos nao envelhecem for the children’s choir Clairière of the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland and performed during the season ‘900 e presente at the auditorium “Stelio Molo” of Radio Switzerland in Lugano.

He also arranged Spirituals for several choirs, including the children choir Calicantus of Locarno.

Furthermore, he arranged and composed numerous songs in different styles for mixed-voice choir.

He took part in the project Rencontres entre Compositeurs et Interprètes of music association Syntono (Paris, Athene, 2005). He worked with Ensemble Musicamorfosi for the music-theatre season Lampi (Milano 2004/05/06)

In 2005 he also collaborated to the music of Chi era Wolfgang ? a concert / show by Musicamorfosi with the participation, among others, of Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi (La crus), Rachel O’Brien and Deborah Mancini.

In 2004 he realized for the Theater/Cinema of Chiasso (CH), the musical score to  C. Chaplin’s silent movie The Immigrant and collaborated to the realization of On&on, multimedia show by Musicamorfosi Association.

He has also written music for school orchestras and groups (Progetto Musicisti di Scuola – Milano 2003-2004).

His composition “Dripping for Cello Solo”, awarded at the Concorso Internazionale di Composizione Città di Pavia, is being published by Edizioni Rugginenti, Milano.

In 2002 he founded the latin-jazz group Deiopea with which he played in various concert series.

Between ‘94 and ‘96 he was part of the band from Milan Mediterranea (then Marrabenta – blues, Afro-reggae) led by Mozambican singer Zac Nhassavele with whom he played in many clubs throughout northern Italy and participated in two episodes of the season ‘95 / ‘96 of broadcasts Domenica In and Buona Dmenica.

In the same years he founded with R. Silva and F. Mantero the band UBMaior, to work on original songs in Italian (pop-rock and funk).

In ‘98 the UBMaior were one of the bands selected to play at the opening of C. Baglioni’s concert at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

In 2000 the homonym disc was released by the independent label Ottonote, which  had good reviews in magazines like Mucchio Selvaggio.

With UBMaior he also performed at MEI (Meeting of Independent Labels in Faenza) and participated in music programs like Trendy for you (Match Music TV) and the legendary Help (TMC2).

On 14 September 2000 the group realized Il rumore del silenzio (The sound of silence), the first outdoor rock concert, which took place entirely in silence: no one, except the audience, received a note, those present, in fact, were fitted with infrared headphones which were directly connected to the audio system, while the musicians on stage were isolated by acoustic cages.

Between ‘90 and ‘94 he played with several groups of the youth music scene in Como.


2015 – Serial Trio #0 – (INCD) Pianist and Composer

2010 – Piano Imbiss – (self-production) Pianist and composer

2009 – Amat-Deus – (RAI-PP) short movie – Pianist and composer

2007 – Deiopea – (Music CenterBA140) – Composer, arranger, pianist

2006 – Bye bye Mozart - (Auditorium) -  Composer and arranger

2006 – Che te ne fai di un titolo - (Mezzanima Dischi) -  Arranger

2004 – Luz – (Velut Luna) – Arranger

2000 – Ubmaior - (Ottonote) – Pianist, composer.