Non so più cosa son cosa faccio (from Bye Bye Mozart)

I had to prepare a non-classical version of this famous “Aria” from Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro for the “concert/play” Bye Bye Mozart, performed in Milan in 2006 bye Musicamorfosi ensemble & guests. The result of this work is a calm bossa-nova for voice, piano and cello.

-   Meu Coraçao Vagabundo (from LUZ)

For this beautiful song of Caetano Veloso I organized the arrangement in two differents keys to exploit the vocal possibilities of the italian jazz singer Lucia Minetti.

Among the instruments the most important place is assigned to strings (violin, cello). The cello plays the pizzicato chords as a guitar to recall the version of Caetano with voice and solo guitar.

- ElPollo(sample)bigband (C. Rigual)

I used to sing Carlos Rigual’s old hit “El Pollo de Carlitos” when I was a child.

Recently I have started to collaborate with a big band, and to take the opportunity to come back it, and to create an arrangement for a large ensemble of this funny cha-cha.

Unfortunately a record of this arrangement does not yet exist, so there is a sample of the score below.

List of arrangements and transcriptions

  1. Daahoud (C. Brown) – Big Band – 2010
  2. Inno d’Italia (Mameli/Novaro) symphonic orchestra 2006.
  3. Non so più cosa son (W.A.Mozart) arrangement for voice, piano, cello (bossa-nova). 2005
  4. Non so più cosa son (W.A.Mozart) for mezzo, piano, violin. 2005
  5. Rain (R. Sakamoto) – vers 2 -piano and string orchestra. 2006
  6. Rain (R. Sakamoto) – vers 1 – violino and 4 hands piano. 2004
  7. El pollo de Carlitos (mexican trad.)  big band. 2004
  8. Meu Coraçao vagabundo (C. Veloso) for ensemble. 2004
  9. Oblivion (A. Piazzolla) flute, 2 violins, guitar. 2003
  10. Scherzo dalla sonata n° 1 (J. Brahms) for chamber orchestra. 2002
  11. Preludio n° 4 in Do# min (A. Scriabin) for chamber orchestra. 2002
  12. Ronde des princesses (da L’uccello di fuoco di I. Strawinskij) flute e 2 pianos. 2002
  13. Arc-en-ciel (G. Ligeti)  2 pianos transcription. 2002
  14. Omaggio a Jobim – Little suite for cello and piano. 2001
  15. Tango en skai (R. Diens) for ensemble (Fl., 2 vl., violonc., clar. basso, cb.). 2000
  16. Libertango (A. Piazzolla) for ensemble. 1999