Musician, choir conductor and composer.

Born in 1969, he lives and works between Milan and Switzerland

Composer, arranger and choir conductor, he particularly devotes himself to chamber music, choral music and music for theater.

He is currently on stage with “Stria”, a pi├Ęce based on the historical events of the witch hunt, where the textual dramaturgy and the scenic action interwine with a musical dramaturgy made with acoustic instruments and electronic processings.

As a choir conductor, he follows, since several years, the choir of “Accademia Ticinese di Musica” in Locarno (CH) and the gospel and modern choirs of the music school “Cluster” in Milan (I).

He also works as a teacher at “Scuola di Musica Cluster” in Milan (I), at “ATM” (Accademia Ticinese di Musica) in Locarno (CH) and at “Officina della Musica di Milano”.

He works for the Department of Education of the Genua University as an adjunct professor in the specialization courses for teachers.

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Upcoming events:

- 7, 8, 9 April 2017 – STRIA – Saronno (Va)

- 23 November 2017 – STRIA – Palermo (Pa)

Past events

- 14 January 2017 – STRIA – Taino (Va)

- 18 December 2016 – Coro ATM in Loco (CH)

-17 December 2016 – Coro ATM in Ronco s/A (CH)

- 11 December 2016 – Coro ATM in Gordola (CH)

- 25 November 2016 – STRIA – Busto Arsizio

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STRIA at Teatro Sociale – Busto Arsizio (Va)

25-11-2016 STRIA at “Teatro Sociale” – Busto Arsizio (Va)

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Notte Bianca di Locarno

28-05-2016 – With the Choir of the Accademia Ticinese di Musica – Locarno (Ch) “Notte Bianca” 2016

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